One of the highlights of this year's Totally Thames was from Karen Livesey and Jo Wiser who lit up the Ladies Bridge over three days to bring the little known history of Waterloo Bridge being rebuilt by women to life. 

Having been written out of the history, Light Up The Ladies Bridge paid homage to the female pioneers who took positions in British construction during the Second World War after male workers were conscripted into service. The work of film makers Karen Livesey and Jo Wiser from Concrete History alongside Christine Wall has uncovered the true story behind Waterloo Bridge and made history. 

If you missed Waterloo Bridge being lit up, then don't worry you can watch Concrete History's round-up film here.  

Thanks to the efforts of Historic England, Christine Wall, Jen Lexmond and Concrete History, English Heritage are currently considering an application to have a Blue Plaque placed on Waterloo Bridge to officially recognise that it was built by women. If you would like to show your support for the campaign then please register here.

Watch the Ladies Bridge Film