• A boat mid way through being built.

The making of The Ship of Tolerance 2019

The Ship of Tolerance arrives in London on the 3rd August! I have seen behind the scenes of the project from start to end - from the silk painting workshops to the boat building site.

This year, the sails have been painted not only by children across London, but across the UK - and even as far as Calais and Germany!

I visited many of the workshops in London, which were very busy.

Artist, Clara Dublanc asked all of the children the same questions...

'What does the word tolerance mean to you?'

'What do you want your future to look like?'

However their finished paintings covered a wide range of issues and causes; equality and global warming being two of the most popular. The ways they all chose to present the issues were really varied!

After all of the silks had been painted, there was the task of deciding which would be selected to be used as the ship's sails. Luckily, there will also be a chance to see the silks that didn't make it onto the ship!

When I visited the boat building site in Newham, I was really impressed at the huge size of the boat - I was even able to go inside of it. it was also amazing how quickly it had been built - in only a few days!

On the 1st August, the sails have been put onto the boat - and the Ship of Tolerance 2019 is ready for show. I think that everyone will find it to be a powerful installation.

The Ship of Tolerance will be on display at the Royal Docks from 3 - 31 Aug , and on the River Thames by Tate Modern from 4 Sep - 6 Oct