Why does it hurt when we fall down? Is memory a form of time travel? How do you actually put Humpty Dumpty together again?

On Saturday 5 September female scientists will be taking to their soapboxes to demystify the science surrounding their research and chat to you about the science behind a range of ideas. All ages welcome!

What is Soapbox Science?

Soapbox Science aims to communicate scientific ideas and support women in science. Our scientists are key experts in their field and passionate about explaining their research in a way that is both understandable and fun. Here’s a taster of what we’ll be getting curious about – come along to find out the rest!

“Memory as a shared experience”

Prof. Nicola Clayton
Professor of Comparative Cognition at the University of Cambridge

Have you ever considered memory as a form of time travel?  In our mind we can move between the past and the future, but are humans unique in our ability to define ourselves in terms of space and time? Can creatures with differing brain structures demonstrate the same behaviour? This really is one to get you thinking, and realising that our mind is the most complex and exciting tool we have!

“Inflammation: what, why and ow?! Your body’s response when sticks and stones break your bones”

Dr Rachel Williams
Research Associate at the University of Newcastle.

Inflammation is a word we hear all the time, but how many of us actually understand the science behind it? We all know what it feels like to fall down, but here’s an opportunity to understand exactly why and how our body reacts. Why does the skin get hot? Why does it hurt? Make the most of this rare chance to question an expert.

"Peeing to prevent cervical cancer"

Dr Neha Pathak
Academic Clinical Fellow at Queen Mary’s University, London.

Neha, who won the “Ultimate Game Changer” at Cosmopolitan’s 2014 Ultimate Women Awards, climbs on her soapbox to explain her research into the development of a simple urine test for cervical cancer. Not only is her research highly relevant to all cervix owners, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to gain insight into how medical research develops and influences the experiences we have at the doctor’s surgery.

Soapbox Science will be appearing beside London Bridge City Pier, Saturday 5 September, as part of the Riverside Festival More information.