As part of this year's Totally Thames, we are excited to present Fluxland, an immersive artwork by French artist Cyril de Commarque, which will be on view from Thursday 8 September until Friday 30 September. We caught up with team behind the piece to find out more...

What is Fluxland? It's an interactive 25-metre sculpture-boat that will welcome the public on board and becoming a space for debate. As a former freight boat it has been mounted with a mirrored polyhedron sculptural form - turning it into a curiously shaped giant mirror as it glides down the river; the reflections of the bank side scenes turning the vessel's surface into a constantly changing piece of art. 

Fluxland will reflect passing buildings, offering a unique perspective on London's skyline and creating an immersive experience. A sound installation by de Commarque will also be played as the boat travels down the river, making the boat a sailing spectacle. Fluxland will moor regularly giving the public chances to board and experience the boat's interactive environment. 

The boat also aims to be a space for debate and public discussion with leading thinkers and keynote speakers, focusing on themes such as philosophy, history and human progress. 

Fluxland believes in the responsibility of the artist to inspire and encourage change in their society. Fluxland is inspired by and derives its name from 'Fluxus' - a revolutionary artistic movement of the 1960's which sought to break down the boundaries between art and life and facilitate unexpected encounters in the public realm. 

Cyril de Commarque is a French artist living in London. De Commarque works with diverse media and invented machines and structures to explore historical and contemporary conflicts and the notion of human progress. De Commarque's work has exhibited in prominent spaces across Europe alongside artists including Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter and Ai Weiwei. 

 Fluxland, 8 September - 30 September 2016. Various locations, River Thames, London