Day 2 of our festive flashback and its the River Thames Wire Walk in 1997, the very beginning of our festival!

On Monday 14 September, 1997 thousands of people lined the Thames to watch Frenchman Didier Pasquette and American Jade Kindar-Martin crossing the River Thames by tightrope for the first ever Thames Festival. The 50 metre-high steel wire spanned the river between the OXO Tower and HMS Wellington, a distance of around 430-metres.

To make the feat even trickier, the pair started at separate ends and crossed over in the middle, watch a short video here. Not only did the event make the front pages of the Mirror, Guardian, Daily Mail, they set a new World Guinness Record and helped us launch festivities on the River Thames. 

"I’m definitely respectful of the height; I don’t screw around up there. I go up there and I do my job. It’s what I love to do, and its art. Dancers dance, artists paint, and I do this. It's an adventure. I step on to that wire and I step into another world. I exist only for that."
Jade Kindar-Martin