When I moved to London from Cornwall in 1998 it wasn't long before I found myself on the Thames foreshore which became a replacement beach. I originally started collecting pieces of pottery and glass, but I remember the excitement I felt when I found my first coin poking out from behind a rock. From that day on I became fascinated with the fragments of history to be found littered on the foreshore at low tide and the stories associated with them. What I most love is to find objects which I can link to a person from the past. The stories from the River Thames I have uncovered are a huge source of inspiration to me and it has made me realise that you never know how your own story might inspire someone in 200 years time. I continue to mudlark as often as time allows - researching my finds and giving some of them a new life and purpose in an artwork.

Nano-chats @ Totally Thames 2019: Stories from the River Thames with Nicola White of Tideline Art