The Society of Thames Mudlarks: Member

I have lived in Edgware in north London all my life, in the house where I was born. As a child, I began searching for fossils (which I had a passion for), on holiday in Charmouth in Dorset and soon became interested in man-made artefacts too. I love to hold my finds, sense their history and imagine who owned them. I particularly like pottery, larger metal artefacts, worked stones (which I find most tactile), and carved stone masonry fragments, which display well. I have been a member of The Society of Thames Mudlarks for about 35 years, having searched on the foreshore surface for a few years prior to that, and I’ve made good friends along the way. Even on wet and unproductive days, I always enjoy the thrill of searching for ancient things, as I never know what I will find. The river has a great healing effect for me, and I do find that my experience gives me confidence that wherever I go, I can find objects. The Thames is made up of water predominantly from healing springs, which I think a lot of people don’t realise, and it’s difficult to visualise because London is so built up. But it’s marvellous to think that it has such a healing aspect.