I am a French expat and adopted Londoner with a passion for inter-tidal and maritime archaeology. In 2010, while doing a short course on daily life in medieval London at Birkbeck University, including workshops at the Museum of London, I became more familiar with the wonderful artefacts found in the Thames. I joined the Thames Discovery Programme as a FROG volunteer (Foreshore Recording and Observation Group) and completed my fieldwork training on the foreshore at Putney on 20.03.2011. In parallel, I obtained my standard permit from the PLA to look for finds the same year and haven't stopped since. I’m a daydreamer, and the foreshore is the perfect place for me for contemplation, picking up objects and imagining stories of past Londoners. I believe that the river always gifts people with what I call ‘river blessings’, and it’s always something personal.