I always remember the river. Mummy brought me here since I was a baby in her tummy. I used to like playing in the sand, now I write in it with a stick. I write funny things. I found a big garnet when I was two or three, the biggest of anyone. Mummy thought it was a flint, she was wrong, I was right, I saw its red jaggedyness on the bottom and I knew. I always pick up a marble, every visit to the river, and I had a coin recorded at the Museum of London, it’s four hundred years old. I found an 18th century domino, I didn’t know what it was first. You can find pottery, pipes, jewels. I love precious rocks. Now I take Rainbow with me when I can, we play in the mud and run away from the big waves. We ruined our pyjamas once, when we went early in the morning, we had mud all over us, it was fun. Mummy took us for hot chocolate after. Rainbow has found pretty pottery and she likes rainbow glass especially, and so do I. It’s perfect for Rainbow.

Nano-chats @ Totally Thames 2019: Foragers of the Foreshore with Florence Evans