Come and share a journey through London by kayak. With every picture taken from this small boat, you’ll get a unique and intimate perspective of the Thames. Ancient and contemporary London, from boats and buildings to riverbed art and misty sunrises. The familiar Thames is reframed seen from so close to the water. Even if you know the river, you’ll find something new to surprise you.

Photographer Annette Price is a professional photographer specialising in outdoor environments and adventure sports. Used to working in, on and under water, she takes us beneath pontoons, inside tunnels, up tributaries and between houseboats. Sharing her intimate water level view, we see the changing London skyline coming into a new and sometimes startling focus.

Kayaking photography must be planned to work with the ever-changing tides, weird currents and waves created by wind blowing against the tide and wash from passing boats. Juggling these unpredictably changing elements delivers constantly renewing opportunities to reveal hidden gems, as we look outwards from the River Within.

The River Within is a work in progress and a long-term project, which will eventually span the entire River Thames from source to sea.

Come and share this journey through London by kayak at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond-Upon-Thames.