This voyage will be a journey of story-telling and film in which the past and present of the Thames and the Ganges flow together.

Travelling by boat from Westminster to Greenwich we will explore the historical depths linking the two great rivers; the intermingling currents of their fates; and their sacred qualities for the people who live along them. This meeting of the rivers will be led by the anthropologist and film-maker Laura Bear in conversation with psychogeographer Iain Sinclair and archaeologist Nathalie Cohen.

On deck there will be an art installation of films made with people who live and work on the Hooghly (a tributary of the Ganges) by Laura Bear. As we travel down the river we will map the route at places that unexpectedly link the Thames and the Ganges and tell mythical and historical tales that create ‘ghats’ or gateways into new understandings of their connections.

This sacred river voyage will ultimately allow us to explore how rivers provide a medium for metaphors of regeneration, life, death, time and space.