The Thames Basin is a chalk aquifer (a large body of porous stone containing water) sitting below the Thames, running hundreds of metres deep. This source of clean drinking water was one of the factors that made this location the favoured site of the ancient settlement that is now contemporary London.

The poetic potential of this incredible hydrogeology will be explored in small abstract studies followed by reflection and discussion over refreshments. Each participant will take home their small three-dimensional piece.

Bathing House is a small studio exploring the relationship between water and the city through art and architecture projects.

Supported by Hermitage River Projects 

Sharp tools will be used at participants own risk. Previous experience in crafting things by hand is recommended but not essential.

Hermitage Community Moorings is situated at Hermitage Wharf, which is located at the entrance to the former London Docks, 600 metres downstream from Tower Bridge on the north bank. Walk down Wapping High Street – the entrance to number 16 is set back from the road, up some steps, at the east side of the memorial gardens, down a narrow bridge where there is an entrance gate with buzzer.