Sing for Water was co-founded in 2002 by renowned composer, singer and musical director Helen Chadwick and the Thames Festival Trust to create a spectacular outdoor riverside concert whilst raising money and awareness for WaterAid. 

The spectacular concert in September as part of Totally Thames will be led by the fantastic Katie Rose and Michael Harper and is a great opportunity for people to meet other choirs from up and down the country and perform together. Rehearsing as individual choirs, you will come together for a collective mass rehearsal the day before the final performance after which you'll sing together as one powerful and moving choir. Last year around 20 choirs, 500 people from across the UK joined forces to perform a set of water inspired songs - and this year we want to be just as ambitious. Sign up for this year's Sing for Water, now it's fifteenth year and help us hit our target of 1 million! 

Why WaterAid?

​Right now, millions of people across the world are living without access to clean water and sanitation. This crisis is costing lives and ruining chances of development. WaterAid's vision is a world where everyone has access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene - basic human rights that most take for granted. For more than 30 years WaterAid has campaigned to change and save lives and you can help them to make a difference. Find out more here

Get Involved 

If your choir would like to join in this event please contact Kate Forde on by Friday 31 March.