There are many ways to get involved in Totally Thames and the Mayor's Thames Festival – please click through the list of projects, on the left of this page, to find out more.  We'll add information on more opportunities as they arise.

Running throughout September 2014, the Totally Thames is set to stage an inspiring month-long celebration of London’s iconic river through art, music, and educational events both on the water and along its banks and bridges.

Totally Thames will take place across a 42-mile stretch of the river between Hampton Court Bridge in the west and the Dartford Crossing in the east. One event, the River Relay, will go even further to encompass the whole of the Thames from its source, along 215 miles of meandering waterway, to the sea.

" By broadening its geographical horizons, combined with a fantastic and wide-ranging programme of events, I hope that Totally Thames will inspire people to understand more about the Thames and to appreciate it as London’s greatest natural asset. "

Adrian Evans, Festival Director.