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You can re-live history by taking a trip aboard the Lady Daphne, one of London's most famous wooden sailing vessels.

The Lady Daphne was one of thousands of red-sailed ships dominating London's skyline in the days before road transport, and you can see the sights and learn about the history of Thames Sailing Barges from her informed and passionate crew - and to top it all, Tower Bridge will be raised especially for you.

The two-hour trip takes you from central London, through Tower Bridge to Greenwich and back, sailing at the following times:
Sat 10th September, 1pm & 3.30pm, Sunday 11 September 12 noon & 2.30pm.

Places are limited so to purchase tickets please click here.
A very limited number of tickets will be held back to purchase on the day.

For further information regarding S. B. Lady Daphne, please visit their website.

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