An extraordinary, vibrant illuminated parade of 1,500 dancers, drummers, lantern-carriers & costumed masqueraders featuring music, dance and carnival from:

Albert & Friends Instant Circus, A.P.P.L.E., Art  Start, Bloco Fogo, Caporales San  Londres, Elimu Paddington Arts Band, Emergency Exit Arts, Festive Road, Flamingo Carnival Arts, Fox Carnival, Godiva - Imagineer Productions, HAFAD, Inspiration Arts, Kinetika Bloco, Latin American Multicultural Group, London School of Samba, Mahogany & Hypnotick, Mandinga Arts, Morenada Bloque Kantuta, Morenada Intocables Londres, Paraiso School of Samba, Same Sky, SE1 United, Shademakers, Oshu Kanatsu-Ryu Shishi-odori and Truro School of Samba.

To whet your appetite, you can watch a video of the 2011 Carnival in our video gallery by clicking here. This is a 56 minute video, and you get the full flavour of the procession!

The Carnival will line up on Upper Ground, and sets off at 7.15pm, with performances beginning from the start of Blackfriars Bridge. The procession heads north over Blackfriars Bridge and then turns left onto Victoria Embankment, where there is a much better viewing space.  We recommend you line up along Blackfriars Bridge and north bank in order to get the best experience and views of the procession.

Here is a taste of what each group will bring to the event this year:

Albert and Friends London’s Premier Youth Circus lights up the Olympic City with a luminous glow -reaching for the stars!

A.P.P.L.E. proudly presents Dr Munro McKenzie’s Marvelous Menagerie- a Victorian travelling circus extravaganza of exotic birds, unusual animals and a delight of drumming and dance!

ArtStart bring to life What the Dickens?!! A Celebration of Dickensian London

Batala London

Bloco Fogo bring  Afro Brazillian Cuban live music, a riot of colour, movement and infectious rhythms, in collaboration with Same Sky

Caporales San Simon Londres Bolivian folkloric dance bringing Afro Bolivian “Caporales” dance from Bolivia to the world

Elimu Paddington Arts Band presents  Apocalypso – The Turbulence of Creativity. Hurricane Apocalypso has the world in turmoil. The economical, social and ecological hurricane has taken us by storm. Will the Trailblazers and Regenades be able to do enough? Will the Renaissance Warriors fulfil their destiny and make this a time for rebirth?

Emergency Exit Arts presents Solar: The Phoenix Catchers

Festive Road presents Walking With Giants. Mythic, iconic and fantastic; from a changing-colour bird to Giant animated puppets dancing to the sounds of a live

Flamingo Carnival Arts presents the colour and contrast of Four Seasons, Soca style

Fox Carnival Band presents Brush It Off and Step In Time, about brushing off insults, sweeping up litter and spreading a message of joy, love and teamwork

Imagineer Productions presents Godiva - for the 21st Century, a large-scale beautifully crafted puppet measuring six metres high. Godiva will lead this year’s night carnival wearing a specially designed dress by British fashion designer Zandra Rhodes

HAFAD introduce their Giant Paralympian puppet by Hammersmith and Fulham Action on Disability group

Inspiration Arts presents Let’s Celebrate… - a Soca explosion

Kinetika Bloco present  London Sweet - a new contemporary carnival celebration of London’s songs, its people, its vitality and its history as a city of the world. With costumes inspired by London and the Union Jack with an African spin, and music from Dizzee Rascal to The Clash, Fela Kuti to English folk

Latin American Multicultural Group bring all the tropical colour and energy of Latin America is represented with dancers, drummers, puppets and illuminated sculptures from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

London School of Samba present Passanda a Chama – Passing the Flame which delves into the spirit of competition and collaboration of the Olympics. Spirit through the flames, kept going by torchbearers and custodians, embroiled in mythology and symbols of bravery and courage, on its journey from London to Rio in 2016

Mahogany & Hypnotick present The Possession

Mandinga Arts presents Chimera - The final year of this two-year project featuring new costumes and puppets. The mythical chimera comes to life, weaving together human and animal, flora and fauna, fantasy and reality

Morenada Bloque Kantuta bring hand-crafted and colourful costumes that bring the Latin touch and celebrate Bolivian culture

Morenada Intocables Londres Bolivian Folkloric Dancing Group presenting traditional music and dance

Oshu Kanatsu-Ryu Shishi-Odori Dance Troupe The Japan Foundation proudly presents the Shishi-Odori Dancers traditional dance with taiko drum & shishi-gashira (deer mask)

Paraiso School of Samba presents Faster, Higher and Stronger

Same Sky presents The Book of Lost Things and The Garden of Found Things, working with Bloco Fogo

SE1 United explores the theme of Fashionista! with snapping paparazzi, voguing dancers and dazzling costumes, all designed and created by local young people

Shademakers Carnival Club presents a dragon float illuminating the common theme of George and the Dragon as the patron saint of England and Samba. Part of the Blue Touch Paper disabilities project and a collaboration with Embaixadores disability Samba School, Rio de Janiero

Truro School of Samba Rio Carnival meets Cornwall! Brazilian Samba band and dancers “light fantastic”


Parades along Upper Ground, Blackfriars Bridge & Victoria Embankment.