Image: The Thames (Section 1: From London Bridge, Arizona to Salt Island, British Virgin Islands), collaged maps, 2013, by Layla Curtis

About the work

Internationally acclaimed British artist Layla Curtis has created this alternative map of the Thames exclusively for the Thames Festival.

This ten-part collage, which is constructed by cutting and pasting locations from existing international maps and re-constructing them to form the familiar outline of the Thames, is available as a free download for the duration of the festival.

Focusing on researching the etymology of place names along the river’s shores and tracing their global namesakes, she has created an artwork that presents new geographical fictions as well as reflecting the history and far-reaching influence of the Thames.


Exhibited Sunday 18 August - Sunday 15 September on boards on the riverside walkways by The London Studios west of Gabriel's Wharf, in front of Tate Modern and by Tower Bridge.

Yours to keep!

View and download a different section of this new ten-part artwork every day of the festival, 6 - 15 September.

Downloads of the work were only available for the duration of the festival however it is still possible to view the work online by clicking the links below:

Day 1 - Fri 6 Sept: The Thames (Section 1: From London Bridge, Arizona to Salt Island, British Virgin Islands)

Day 2 - Sat 7 Sept: The Thames (Section 2: From Sugar Island, Maine to Cut n Shoot, Texas)

Day 3 - Sun 8 SeptThe Thames (Section 3: From Convict’s Bay, Bermuda to Tilbury, Canada)

Day 4 - Mon 9 Sept: The Thames (Section 4: Pocahontas, Arkansas to Conrad, Iowa)

Day 5 - Tue 10 Sept: The Thames (Section 5: Petrolia, Canada to Shell Beach, Massachusetts)

Day 6 - Wed 11 Sept: The Thames (Section 6: From Admiral Cove, Canada to Colony, Texas)

Day 7 - Thur 12 Sept: The Thames (Section 7: From South End, Canada to Northumberland Island, Canada)

Day 8 - Friday 13 September: The Thames (Section 8: From Drakes Bay, California to Tristan da Cunha)

Day 9 - Sat 14 Sept: The Thames (Section 9: From Medway, Maine to New London Bay, Canada)

Day 10 - available to view and download Sun 15 Sept:The Thames (Section 10: From Cape Verde Islands to Thames, New Zealand)

About the Artist

Layla Curtis is a UK artist based in London whose work encompasses a variety of media; she collages maps to create fictional hybrid works, creates drawings compiled of text taken from atlases, and employs technologies such as thermal imaging cameras, GPS and video to create drawings and trace journeys. Her work, which is included in international collections such as the Tate collection and the Government Art Collection, is exhibited widely and has been included in exhibitions at Tate Modern, London (UK); Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal (Canada); and Pavilhão Lucas Nogueira Garcez-Oca in São Paulo (Brazil). She has had solo shows at New Art Gallery Walsall (UK); Milton Keynes Gallery (UK); and Spacex, Exeter, (UK)


Exhibited on boards on the riverside walkways by the London Studios, in front of Tate Modern and by Tower Bridge