An interactive river zone displaying organisations involved with the ecology, history and industries of the Thames. Free activities all weekend include origami workshops led by Sesames and clay-moulding with Whale of a Time. Sea shanty choirs will be singing traditional sailor songs and storytellers will be enchanting all ages with river folklore from the hidden depths.

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Blue Ribbon Village Stage line up  - Saturday 14 September

Blue Ribbon Village Stage line up  - Sunday 15 September

More activities at Blue Ribbon Village

Blue Ribbon Village Stage 12pm - 6pm Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 Sept

Saturday 14 September – Nautical songs accompanied by The Stowaway sisters telling tales of their misadventures all day

Nautical Songs: This event brings together performers from up and down the country, all sharing a passion for maritime folk music.  Sea Shanties have remained for both sailors and landsmen alike since their heyday between 1815 and 1870.  Used to lighten the labour of working heavy ships and loading cargo, the songs developed rapidly as a result of increased global trade after the Napoleonic Wars, influenced by the musical cultures of Europe and the Americas.  Pete Truin from The Ballina Whalers has put today’s programme together;  expect full-throated chorus songs alongside tender ballads telling tales of wind and weather, love and loss, joy and hardship!

1pmNick Hart1:40pmThe Stowaway Sisters – Musical Story-telling duo2pmKeith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham2:40pmThe Stowaway Sisters – Musical Story-telling duo3pmAndy Kenna3:40pmThe Stowaway Sisters – Musical Story-telling duo4pmThe Ballina Whalers4.40pmThe Stowaway Sisters – Musical Story-telling duo5pmThe musicians from the day come together for a last performance

Sunday 15 September - Fabulous bands hot off the festival circuit and story-telling all day.


Family Atlantica

Vanessa Woolf tells traditional and non-traditional tales of all kinds and Is particularly inspired by the history, geography and folklore of London.

12pmGarance Louis – Accordionist and singer from rural Southern France, playing songs from an old cabaret12:40pmStory-telling with Vanessa Woolf1pmAccordion with Garance Louis - as above1:40pmStory-telling with Vanessa Woolf2pmBoat to Row - a collective of instrument swapping, harmony sharing friends from the Midlands. From its beginnings as a solo university project Boat to Row has evolved into a band delivering intelligent, intricate folk.2:40pmStory-telling with Vanessa Woolf3pmFamily Atlantica - a mesmerising kaleidoscope of afro-atlantic culture swirled into psychedelic journey of tropical music, driven by deep organic rhythms3:40pmStory-telling with Vanessa Woolf4pmBoat to Row – As above4:40pmStory-telling with Vanessa Woolf5pmFamily Atlantica - As Above

More activities at Blue Ribbon Village

Whale of a Time workshop

The Whale of a Time Workshop is an educational, therapeutic, hands-on and fun activity, where young and old are able to model whales and other endangered species out of clay, and at the same time nurture creative skills, confidence and team bonding whilst raising awareness and learning about the environment, biodiversity and sustainability and having a whale of a time!


Sam from Sesames is an expert origami maker and will be at the Blue Ribbon Village all weekend, sharing his skills in the fine and ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Sesames invite you to come and learn how to make deep water creatures origami style. FREE all day Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 6pm.


Potters Fields Park