Join a one-day festival dedicated to Romania old and new, in celebration of the making of United Romania! The event brings together a diverse range of artists, from folk musicians and dancers, craftsmen and stand-up comedians, to renowned artists on Romania’s contemporary scene.

World-famous Olympic medallist Ivan Patzaichin leads a fleet of six boats that were especially designed and built in the Danube Delta to represent the six historical provinces that came together in 1918: Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, Bessarabia, Bukovina, and Dobruja. Before descending to Gabriel’s Wharf from Westminster Pier, the vessels will take part in London’s Great River Race.

The richness of the programme is matched by savoury Romanian dishes that testify to the plentiful tastes and influences that make up the country’s cuisine. History is revealed with every bite and sip on this journey of discovery through a century of (hi)stories.

Traditional Romanian music with Taraful George Patrascu & singer Maria Buza, and spectacular craft demonstrations featuring wood carving, mask making, pottery and others.

With live coverage of the regatta, short films on screen and guest appearances from British celebrities.

Romania's leading touristic attractions will be presented through a selection of promotional materials, clips and exhibitions.