The London Thames is a large, self-excavating archaeological trench that winds its way across the metropolis exposing over time the history of the area over the past 10,000 years, so come and explore and take part in a series of events celebrating our river's past and present.

Objects made from river clay are fired on the foreshore in a bonfire in the way this has been undertaken

done over the past millennia, extinguished by the rising tide leaving behind your beautiful pots.

Please note there is a free Pot Making Workshop for this event on Tuesday 7 August from 2.30pm on the steps in front of the Globe Theatre.

The day will also include:

  • Archaeological walks along the foreshore at Bankside to reveal the layers of history still visible
  • The health of the Thames is explored by the use of seine-netting - findings can be viewed in aerated tanks before being returned to the river
  • Hear about the creatures living in the Thames
  • Find out more about the campaign to remove plastics from the river
  • Come and handle finds from the foreshore dating across the periods – hold history within your hand!

Please note: the fire is subject to tides and is likely to be extinguished by 2pm.
The stalls on the riverside walkway will be open until 5pm.