Tania Kovats’ Dirty Water is a collection of drawings, images, secrets and writings woven together in this specially produced publication of a one-off edition newspaper. Tania Kovats has appointed the River Thames as the newspaper’s editor, to create a unique journal for those crossing the river on the morning of the autumn equinox at London’s low tide. It tells a spectrum of stories, river reflections and revelations that point to the importance of the river’s place in the story of the city. 

Tania Kovats’ chronicle is a limited edition artwork Dirty Water is available from various riverside locations (bridges and piers) on Thursday 21st September.

Between October 2016 and April 2017, Tania Kovats was Tideway’s  Artist-in-Residence, exploring through drawing London’s relationship with the River Thames. Dirty Water is an artwork arising from her residency and commissioned as part of Tideway's Public Art Programme.